About Sudesh Bhosale.

Born on 1st July 1960 in a conservative Maharastrian family, Sudesh bhosale today is the most versatile artist in the Indian film Industry. His father Late Shri N. R. Bhosale was an artist associated with one of the reputed film banner artist and his mother Late Smt. Suman Bhosale was an Indian Classical Vocalist. Sudesh had never planned to be a professional singer in his wildest dreams. During his childhood he was more inclined to painting, infact he had even sketched and painted for the film Julie. Singing was just his hobby. Sudesh Bhosale was following the footsteps of his parent’s professions, Sudesh used to help his father with painting posters and also he use to participate in singing in his college. Having consciously developed his natural gift of mimicry in his college and started getting the recogniation as singer and mimic with the popular orchestra “International Artist Melody Makers”.

Sudesh was initially groomed in the basics and technicalities under Pt. Satyanaryan Misra and veteran composer Kalyanji. He had started his career as crooner and compere with “International Artist Melody Makers” in the year 1982. Since he had a passion for perfection, he would rehearse till the late hours in his bed to perfect his items and improve upon them. Mimicking a star or singing an entire song one after another in different singer’s voice. His first breakcame in 1985, where in a concert his renditions, moved a member of the audience, Asha Bhonsle. Amazed at the youngster’s art, she approched him to give an audio tape of his performence to her. She played it to her husband, the late R.D.Burman, who immediatly liked it and offered Sudesh to sing a song for the film “Zalzala”. After this there was a ripple effect,one after another,music directors like Laxmikanth-Pyarelal, Kalyanji-Anandji, Bappi Lahari approached him to record a song. Sudesh Bhosle recorded a song with Kishore Kumar, who was his idol for the film “Waqt Ki Awaz”, which incidentally was the last recorded song of Kishore Kumar. But success has continuously kocked at his door-steps in the form of the film “HUM”, the “jumma chumma de de’,s” number created a sensation in the Hindi Film Industry.